Vol. II | Issue I

Two Forms of Environmental-Political Imagination
Nathan S. Chael

Germany, the United States, and the Clean Energy Transition

Oedipus and Ion As Outsiders
Claire Holland

The Implications and Limitations of Genealogical Citizenship

Partisan Gerrymandering
Connor Maag

Re-Establishing the Political Question Doctrine in Gill v. Whitford

Vol. I | Issue II

Transparency and Compliance
Abigail Borges

The Strength of EU Lobbying Regulations

Georgian-South Ossetian Conflict
Tathyana Mello Amaral

Is secession a viable solution?

Imagined Isle
Nathan Mainster

Irish Catholic Identity in the Restoration Era

Vol. I | Issue I

American Jews
Jake Goodman​

The Political Behavior of American Jews

A Public Choice Approach to Israel-influenced Voting

Racial Capitalism
Olerato Mogomotsi

Racial Capitalism in Post-Apartheid South Africa:

Challenging the Fallacy of Black Entitlement under Service Delivery Protests.

Hisyam Takiudin

The Long Game: ASEAN, China’s Charm Offensive and the South China Sea Dispute

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