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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you publish?
The Brown Journal of Philosophy, Politics and Economics publishes twice a year. Once in the Fall, and once in the Spring.

How do you decide what to publish?
The JPPE looks for pieces that are well-written, original, well-argued, well-researched, and timely.  Possible contributions include, but are not limited to, research papers, literature reviews, critical comments, interviews, theses, PhD summaries, and articles written independently or for a class.

How long should my submission be?
We do not specify lengths for submissions because we recognize that certain essays may require more or less space than others. We do, however, expect that the essay is concise and justifies its length in all cases. 

How do I know if my work qualifies for the journal?
The JPPE is an interdisciplinary journal.  We are flexible and encourage submissions from a variety of fields, as long as the work has relevance within the disciplines of philosophy, politics, and/or economics. Most importantly, the work should be timely and offer some insight into a question with philosophical, political, and/or economic implications. 

What are my chances of getting published?
All submissions go through a rigorous name-blind review and referee process.  If the work passes the process the piece will be published.

I do not attend Brown University. Can I still submit my work?
Yes! We accept submissions from authors all over the world.

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