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The Brown University

Journal of Philosophy, Politics & Economics

Volume One Inaugural Cover

By Kaid Ray-Tipton​

Latent Effects of Cannabis Legalization: Racial Disproportionality and Disparity in Washington State Drug Convictions, 2000-2015

By Benjamin Seymour

Inclusive Norms and the Future of Liberal Unity

By Jingpeng Shao

Embracing Renewable Energy for Sustainable Job Growth in West Virginia economics

By Hisyam Takiudin

The Long Game: ASEAN, China's Charm Offensive and the South China Sea Dispute

By Jennifer Kim

Reconceptualizing the Idea of the Self Within Western Philosophy: The Existence-Reason Binary and the Nonrational Transcendental Self

By Olerato Mogomotsi

Racial Capitalism in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Challenging the Fallacy of Black Entitlement under Service Delivery Protests.

By Jake Goodman

The Political Behavior of American Jews

A Public Choice Approach to Israel-influenced Voting

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