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The Brown University

Journal of Philosophy, Politics & Economics


Introducing the fourth issue of JPPE

Radical Student Groups and Coalition Building in France During May 1968 and the United States during the Vietnam War

By Calder McHugh

Who Was Right About What Went Wrong?

By Mikael Hemlin

An Analysis of Human Respect for and Protection of Insects

The Ongoing Emergence of R2P as a Norm in the International Community

By Grace Engelman

By Maxine Dehavenon

A Response to Macalester Bell’s Hard Feelings in the Era of Trump

By Jessica Li

Justifying Geoengineering Research in Democratic Systems

By Samantha M. Koreman

Evidence from Chile

By Lucas Rosso Fones

A Look into Black Pacifism and the Pedagogy of Civil Rights in American Public Education

By Jade Fabello

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