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The Brown University

Journal of Philosophy, Politics & Economics

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Nicola Sturgeon, MSP

First Minister of Scotland

Gen. John R. Allen

President of the Brookings Institution

Introducing the second issue of JPPE

A Kantian Take on Advertising and Campaigning

The Strength of EU Lobbying Regulations

By Sylvia Gunn

By Abigail Borges

And Its Normative Uses

Implications for School Choice

By Margot S. Witte

By Quinn Bornstein

Is Secession a Viable Solution?

A Contradiction in International Law with Asymmetrical Regional Solutions

By Tathyana Mello Amaral

By Samantha Altschuler

The Role of Private Companies in Shaping US Cybersecurity Policy

Irish Catholic Identity in the Restoration Era

By Nathan Mainster

By Justin Katz

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