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The Brown University

Journal of Philosophy, Politics & Economics

Sheldon Whitehouse
U.S. Senator, Rhode Island

Introducing the third issue of JPPE

Germany, the United States, and the Clean Energy Transition

A Comparison of Chinese Cinematic Rep- resentations of the Second Sino-Japanese War

By Nathan S. Chael

By Isaac Leong

In Cases of National Self-Defense

Reconciling Freedom and Reciprocity in the Context of Universal Basic Income

By Lina Dayem

By Olivia Martin

Examining the Effects of Shareholder Activism and Its Impact on American Capitalism

By Cal Fawell

By Andrew Kutscher and Doug Saper

The Implications and Limitations of Genealogical Citizenship

By Claire Holland

Re-Establishing the Political Question Doctrine in Gill v. Whitford

By Connor Maag

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