Political Theory Project


The JPPE is supported by the Political Theory Project (PTP), a department at Brown University directed by Professors John Tomasi and Daniel J. D'Amico. The JPPE aspires to uphold the PTP mission:

“The mission of the Political Theory Project (PTP) is to invigorate the study of institutions and ideas that make societies free, prosperous, and fair. The Project drives beneath the familiar and easy ideological labels, focusing on questions about what actually works in the world. The PTP creates new spaces at Brown where students of good faith, and diverse viewpoints, can come together to debate one another, freely and passionately, about the most pressing political problems of our day.”

- Director John Tomasi

The JPPE is run by undergraduate student members of the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Society, a scholarship organization founded by the Political Theory Project in the fall of 2016.  The PPE Society aims to discover and unite Brown University students who share a desire to understand how societies may become better places for their citizens to live and flourish. The PPE Society is both a scholarship and learning opportunity for students at Brown to investigate social science and political philosophy while engaging with other similarly dedicated students, faculty and visiting researchers.

You can learn more about the Political Theory Project and the PPE Society here: